Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin's Meta-Narrative

Jonah Goldberg writes: is amazing how the press can focus on how Palin's a disaster and then the second she stops being one, the press yawns as if this is a non-story.
Isn't this a good thing and not a bad thing? It means that McCain won last night's debate, and he won it big. It means that the meta-narrative has changed from Palin is an idiot to she is no longer a critical story in this election. Doesn't that help McCain significantly?

The New York Times is still trying to push the Palin is an idiot Meta-Narrative, but I think enough of her detractors were impressed so that it will not have as much of an affect anymore.

Update: My unsolicited advice to conservatives and Republicans. If the press and the liberals do not want to talk about why they think Palin is an idiot, don't invite them to talk about it by bringing the subject up.

Update II: Glenn Reynolds makes essentially the same point I am making, but he does not trust his instincts enough to be certain:
I don't trust my instincts on this stuff .... But it seemed to me that both did well, and that this was a bigger deal for Palin than for Biden since the press was portraying her as some sort of airhead before.

As it is possible that the left might successfully continue to push the Palin is an idiot meta-narrative (it only takes 1 bad Palin interview to bring it back to life), there is definitely room for uncertainty.