Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Conservative Civil War

Paul Waldman is salivating over the impending conservative Civil War:
...all the pillars that have held up conservatism for so long are crumbling. When the dust settles, it will be difficult to know just what it means to be a conservative.

Unfortunately, if conservatives do not come together, Paul's words may be prophetic.
Is a conservative who doesn't proclaim the perfection of the free market and the evil of government still a conservative?

America has not had a truly free market economy since the late 1920's. Conservatives first must rally to save capitalism. Once the future of capitalism is safe and secure, conservatives must work to purge the perverse incentives that have precipitated this crisis and that continually confiscate wealth from the American people.
What about a conservative who thinks his comrades ought to quit yapping about gay marriage and get into the 21st century?

Libertarians are being used by the gay community to advocate non libertarian policies. It is the libertarians who need to wake up to this, and they need to stop letting the gay community use them. Libertarians should support gays but only where that support leads to an advancement of libertarian principles. Libertarians should be in alliance with paleocons on most policy issues that the gay community is trying to advance.
What about a conservative who wants to accede to the public's desire for a less bellicose foreign policy?

Due to the state that America's finances will be in for the foreseeable future, all conservatives should essentially advocate more or less an isolationist foreign policy.