Saturday, October 4, 2008

McCain should win the election

Dan Balz at the Washington Post writes:
But when Hart stepped back and focused in particular on the four voters who said their vote could still be won by McCain or Obama, it was telling that all four had supported President Bush in 2000 and 2004. Not a single Kerry or Gore voter was wavering over Obama.

If this focus group is indicative of the general population, and the only undecideds left are former Bush supporters, I feel much better about McCain chances than what the polls are indicating. I am guessing it will be much eaiser for McCain to convince former Bush supporters to vote for him, as it will be for Obama.

Additionally, the VP debate might have been enough to seal the deal for McCain. For the past few weeks, the media elite have been relentlessly mocking Palin as an idiot. This put enormous internal pressure on these "soft" Republicans not to commit to McCain (no one wants to deal with constantly hearing that their preferred candidate selected an idiot for a VP). Palin's performance in the debate might have been enough to instill them with the confidence to no longer fear having to hear other people's low opinion of Sarah Palin.