Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Life is not fair

Complaining about how unfair life is does nothing to make life fair. Here are 2 examples of how life is unfair to Republicans/Conservatives.
Are Republican/Conservatives going to do anything about it? Or are they just going to accept? If history is any guide, they are not going to do anything but complain, and then accept it.

Grass root Republicans/Conservatives want something done, but they need effective leadership to do something productive. Influential Republicans/Conservatives provide no leadership on how to productively counter these brazen unethical Democratic party advantages. Republican/Conservatives need a community organizer.

Update: I am guessing most people who read my blog have read instapundit long before they get to my blog, but in case you haven't, Glenn Reynolds provides some pretty good answers to what Republicans/Conservatives should do. Just a snippet of that advice:

If you want to have a media environment that isn't dominated by the Gwen Ifills and Keith Olbermanns of the world, you need to ensure that other kinds of voices flourish.