Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oprah's Principles

On the 2008 race, Winfrey's clearly partisan. And because of that fact, Winfrey has said all along that she wouldn't bring either Democrat or Republican candidates on the show this fall. Winfrey never endorsed a candidate before, and took a professional risk by publicly supporting (and campaigning for) Obama, leaving open the possibility of alienating viewers.
That was evident during the primaries, as Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters often voiced their frustration in the comments board on Winfrey's website. It was reported that her ratings may have suffered. And now, instead of competing with other talk shows for an exclusive interview with the first woman on the Republican party ticket, Winfrey's already taken herself out of the race for ratings gold.

I am no Oprah fan, but this article made me respect her for placing greater value on her principles than her bank account.