Thursday, September 4, 2008

Human Resurrection

The laws of physics dictate that the resurrection of the dead must be possible. And, I do not mean just those who have recently died. It must be possible to resurrect anyone who has ever lived (Moses, Jesus, Alexander the Great, Ramses, Genghis Kahn, etc.).

The law of physics that dictates that this must be the case is the law which says that information can not be lost. I am pretty certain that Humans meet the definition of information. According to this law, information can be destroyed, but it can not be lost. What that means is just so long as you can retrieve all the bits of destroyed data and put it back together to recreate the original, you have not lost information. Hence, death would represent the destruction of information. But, since information can not be lost, it logically follows it must be possible to reverse death through resurrection.

I think it also logically follows that the essence of who we are does not cease to exist when we die. Hence, essentially we have a soul that outlasts the body. I would presume it is decaying just like our body, but it is waiting to be resurrected into the original body.