Saturday, September 6, 2008

Apologies due

...newborn Trig Palin was passed up and down the line like the campaign prop he's become. Palin's mixed message says: Please respect the privacy of my family—as I exploit them. Respect my family's privacy, but let me wrap myself in baby Trig to prove my anti-abortion stand. Question for the Commission on Presidential Debates: If you let Palin nurse Trig as she debates Joe Biden on Oct. 2 at Washington University, will you level the field by letting Biden bottle-feed one of his grandchildren? If such questions are disrespectful to the Palin and Biden families, where do I submit my apologies?

To answer Jack Shafer's question, directly in private to the Palins, then in public on Slate.

In case Jack Shafer has not noticed, people like holding babies, and there is nothing surprising that a newborn would get passed around. Additionally, the Palins have no control over what images the press shows. By Shafer's reasoning, the Palin's should keep Trig hidden from the world. Of course if they did this, they would probably start getting questioned as to why they are embarrassed about having a child with Down Syndrome. Considering all of this, Shafer's questions were disrespectful and he should deliver on the apologies he alluded to.

Update: I sent Jack Shafer an e-mail answering his question. His response was "In a pig's eye". I guess he thinks that only a pig would think that it is rude to assume the worst in others. Oh well, his definition of manners and mine differ. In fact, I am convinced his answer shows how rude disrespectful Jack Shafer is.

Update II: Jack Shafer sent me the following link's+eye to clarify what he meant by "In a Pig's eye". I think that I misunderstood what he was implying, and I have apologized for saying his answer shows how rude and disrespectful he is.