Sunday, October 12, 2008

Unsophisticated Angry Morons who happen to be Republicans

Ace of Spades is upset with some Republicans:

Some Republicans are... unsophisticated angry morons who shout things like "Terrorist" about Obama when McCain is speaking, thus putting him on the extreme defensive....

They substantially vindicate every stereotype the left and MSM has about us, and make the rest of us not only look bad, but make us squeamish from even being political associates. And they lose us precious votes.

And yet these screamers and tantrum-throwers really think they're the ones helping the team. These malformed, brain-damaged shut-in angry monsters think they've got the right message to carry to the non-deformed, non-retarded demographics.


99% of readers and commenters are great. It's the 1% of brain-damaged, ignorant mutants that always causes all the embarrassment.... And at campaign rallies.

I agree with Ace of Spades for the most part. However, this story was largely a myth of hyperbole concocted by the Obama campaign. The propagandist in the Media then willingly spread the hyperbole for the benefit of the Obama campaign. And, they did so without ethically showing the lunacy of the left. To me, the story should be how unreliable the media is. The mainstream media is willingly lying to the American people on a scale never before seen. Are the American people aware of how deceitful the press is?

The fringe 1% is regrettable. However, conservatives and Republicans should not destroy themselves over the regrettable actions of a few. Instead, conservatives and Republicans should rally together, expose the lies of the media, and inform the American people, yes we are human and imperfect, and we can be passionate about our beliefs. However, in our passion, conservatives and Republicans are fighting to make America better and not bring it down.

I understand that Ace's rage against the 1% has more to do with a bad experience with one of his own commenter's. But, times are dire, and it is gonna take a miracle. Ace's intentions are good, but now is not the time for conservatives to give off the appearance that we are eating our own.