Sunday, October 12, 2008

Michelle Obama and the Whitey tape

Have you heard the rumor about Michelle Obama and the Whitey tape? Well, if you want an update, Joseph Cannon has it for you.

He provides some clues to the source:

The name of the source is one that you would surely recognize, since he commands respect throughout the mainstream media, not just in blog-world. He is a famous investigator. For that reason -- and for another reason which will soon become clear to you -- I will here call him "Sherlock Holmes."

(Consider that a clue.)

I greatly admire Sherlock's previous work. Most of it, at least. You probably do as well. However, he has been fooled in the past. His most infamous slip-up concerned a story about a person I will here call MM. Fake documents were involved in that instance.

(Consider that another clue.)

My guess on the source is that it is Seymour Hersh (Sherlock Holmes=SH=Seymour Hersh, Marilyn Monroe=MM):
Hersh thought he had happened upon a previously buried treasure-trove of documents proving all kinds of previously unsubstantiated allegations. Newsweek reported that a series of signed agreements dated between March 1960 and Jan. 1962 allegedly proved that Kennedy paid Marilyn Monroe more than $1 million for her silence -- not just about her long-rumored sexual affair with John Kennedy, but about JFK's purported relationship with mobster Sam Giancana and other "underworld figures."

If it is Hersh, I personally do not consider him that reliable.

Update: As important as it I think it is that Republicans win this election, I do not want to win it because Michelle Obama turns out to be a "racist POS". I want to win this election because the American people come to realize that Republican ideas are much better for the future of America.