Monday, October 6, 2008

An Obama economy

An Investor Business Daily editorial makes the case why no one should vote for Obama:

It was Democrats' regulatory and litigious assaults upon the mortgage market in pursuit of "social justice" that left our economy in its precarious position of today; indeed as an attorney, Obama himself in 1994 represented a client suing Citibank, accusing it of systematically denying mortgages to blacks.

But if the taxpayer rescue of Wall Street and Uncle Sam's taking over the banking system scares you, the broader socialism planned by the Democratic presidential nominee should leave you petrified.

Unfortunately, the McCain campaign does not want to talk about the economy. They think it is a losing issue. It is not a losing issue if they make the American people understand that the Democratic party's ideology is responsible for the crisis and will make it worse. Only, the Republican party's ideology offers the best means to clean up the mess as quickly as possible.

via The New Pundit