Saturday, October 11, 2008

I hate John McCain, but please vote for him nonetheless

In a post earlier today, I expressed disappointment that another blogger was not forcefully advocating the election of John McCain. Seconds after writing that, I read this article, and I thought to myself I hate John McCain, I really hate John McCain.

The Obama campaign is trying to peddle the story that Republicans are stark raving mad lunatics. The press dutifully complies. His supporters try to rally to the defense of the cause. And, how does John McCain respond? I do not know how he responded, but however he responded to it, he has allowed Obama to make it look like John McCain thinks his supporters are stark raving mad lunatics:
Barack Obama acknowledged Saturday that John McCain has asked his supporters to temper their attacks on him.

Thank you John McCain from one of your stark raving mad lunatic supporters (that would be sarcasm in case anybody tries to use this against me in the future)!

Unless somebody starts a viable write in draft someone (Petraeus, Thomas Sowell, Glenn Reynolds, I do not know, etc) movement, I am stuck supporting this man. So, please vote McCain and Republicans in November, it is the last best chance to save the American dream.