Sunday, October 5, 2008

A bright happy future for the planet earth

The global warming part was annoying, but the rest was interesting. Although, they left out the part where the earth becomes a giant ice ball because the moon has drifted off into space.

Humanity needs to privatizes space to help prevent the bleakest of futures Some asteroids are full of precious metals which could be profitably mined. As a caveat, the figures of asteroid's value or worth in the linked article is severely overstated because introducing that much new raw metals into the market would severely depress the market price. Even given that caveat, that single asteroid would still be extremely valuable, and there are many many more just like it.

Yet, no one is developing the technology to mine these asteroids because space treaties declare that all profits must be shared with humanity. By privatizing space, profit motives would cause humanity start investing more in space travel. This would ultimately lead to the colonizing of space and help humanity escape our dying planet.