Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stop the Presses!

The media are getting mad [at the McCain Campaign].
Who could have guessed that would happen? Of course, I am assuming that every journalist is confident it has nothing to do with media bias, and any suggestion that it might be a product of media bias would make them incredulous.

News outlets are increasingly challenging false or questionable claims by the McCain campaign, whether it's the ad accusing Obama of supporting sex-ed for kindergartners (the Illinois legislation clearly describes "age-appropriate" programs)...
What is "age-appropriate" sex education for a kindergartner? Why is inappropriate to point out that Obama supports "age-appropriate" sex education for kindergartners? And, if Obama supports "age-appropriate" sex education for kindergartners, why can't he define what it is (does it really take an act of the Illinois legislature to instruct teachers to avoid telling kindegartners that babies come from storks)?
...Palin's repeated boast that she stopped the Bridge to Nowhere (after she had supported it, and after Congress had effectively killed the specific earmark).
True, but all of the facts paint a different picture than the one journalist are trying to sell.