Saturday, September 13, 2008

Palin's Tough Task

Palin ... has [to] juggle a lot of balls simultaneously:
1) She has to learn all this stuff quickly. Quick, how much do you really know about federal health care policy? I bet not a lot. Well, Palin has to master all this stuff in a short period of time.
2) She can't even express her own opinion on this stuff. Sometimes she can. But most often she has to view a question through two filters: What she herself believes and what the McCain position is (which is the position she ultimately must either adopt or at least defend).
3) She has to then be guarded about committing McCain to some position.
4) She has to watch out for the gotchas and soundbites that can be edited to make her sound bad.

That's a lot to think about every time a question is asked.