Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome attacking Palin, many Democrats and liberal commentators are mocking her faith, worldview, and life experiences. In that sense, a great unmasking is taking place. A wide swath of liberals are revealing their arrogance, their cultural elitism, and even their ugliness. It may be therapeutic. And it may also cost them the election.

It is ironic. Many conservatives have noticed how self destructive the attacks of the Democratic party and their liberal allies have been. Strategically, the best thing would be for conservatives to keep this opinion to themselves and let the Democratic party and their liberal allies self destruct in an orgy of hate and personal attacks against Palin. However, conservatives have too much honor, and feel obliged to point out how self destructive the behavior is in the hopes that it will cease and desist.

On the Bill Maher show, John Fund made the point as clearly as possible. Even though Bill Maher acknowledges that it is true, he can not stop himself from trying to destroy Palin.