Saturday, September 20, 2008

OODA and Chess

From the comments:

I came across this recently and it strikes me as relevant to chess and time scrambles in particular:OODA LOOP

I am not a chess expert, but this is how I would apply the lessons of OODA to chess. In time control games:
  • For players who are white, the first move should take no time to make (probably pretty obvious for regular chess players, but in case it is not).
  • Master the openings. Practice the openings so that they can be made as quickly as possible without contemplation.
  • Strive to build complex stalemating defenses as opposed to complex attacking offenses. Since most games are won by the player who has the most time left on the clock, the goal of each player should be to have time remaining on the clock when the game is over as opposed to attempting to checkmate the opponent. Consequently, players should strive to force their opponents to spend as much time as possible contemplating how to break the stalemate.
  • Once you have a time advantage, don't lose it (i.e., if your opponent has 5 minute left on the clock, and you have 6 minutes, come up with the best move you can in 59 seconds and make it).
  • Your opponent's time is your time as well. Do not waste it (probably pretty obvious for regular chess players, but in case it is not). While your opponent contemplates his next move, you should be doing the same.