Friday, September 26, 2008

Movies for Liberals
8. The Life of David Gale
What's the worst thing about this anti-death-penalty movie? It's not even Kevin Spacey parsing Lacan! How about the movie's twist ending, in which committed critics of capital punishment are revealed to have engineered a plot to take an innocent person's life just for the publicity? Unless you're one of those liberals who's also a murderous nut, you're more likely to be annoyed than inspired.
I know that Hollywood has a bad reputation with Conservatives (rightfully so), but Hollywood at times is actually a more conservative propaganda vehicle than people realize.
5. The Last Supper
Even if you agree with the liberal beliefs espoused by this supposed black comedy, isn't it a little sad to watch the smug yuppies of The Last Supper murdering the gun nuts, anti-abortion crusaders, and gay bashers with whom they disagree? Doesn't it seem a little bit ... you know ... desperate?

Whoever wrote this list must not have seen the ending. All the liberals inadvertently drink their own poisoned wine, while the conservative talk show host gets the last laugh. I would hardly call that a liberal movie.

via Ann Althouse