Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cracked Mocking Movies (contains spoilers)

Full of Spoilers (via Viking Pundit)

People hate plot holes in movies. At least, that's what they'll tell you. But sometimes, if a movie is awesome enough, people will overlook even the most retarded gaps in reason and logic. At least, until some asshole on the Internet points them out and makes a big list of them. Enjoy:

So how does [Superman] respond when he returns and learns about his son? By breaking into Lois's house, telling him "good luck with the whole outcast thing kiddo", and leaving him alone. Again. So we're left with a kid who has:
1. Superpowers;
2. Gross genetic defects;
3. Good reason to hate Superman.
We're betting that he's going to end up a supervillain, and you know what? If he takes on Superman we think we're rooting for the kid.

"We'll just fix that in post!" has always been the rallying cry for filmmakers in the middle of a troubled production. Unfortunately, sometimes things have a nasty habit of actually getting broken in post-production, usually thanks to studio interference.

To the gaping plot holes list I would add the movie The Usual Suspects:

When Kujan drops the coffee mug, Kobayashi is revealed suggesting that Verbal/Keyser Soze made up the name of the lawyer. However, here is part of the script from an earlier scene in the movie, where the FBI Agent Baer confirms that Kobayashi is actually the name of the lawyer:

Rabin and Jack Baer are in the hall. Rabin hands Kujan a thick manila folder. Kujan thumbs through it.
A boy came across a body on the beach this morning. Thrown clear when the boat burned. Shot once in the head. Two guys from the F.B.I. just identified him.
And ?
His name was Arturo Marquez. A pettysmuggler out of Argentina. He was arrested in New York last year for trafficking. He escaped to California and got picked up in Long Beach. They were setting up his extradition when he escaped again. Get this - Edie Finneran was called in to advise the proceedings.

Bear nods.